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1. Make grooves on the surface of 3mm Glass and require the grooves to be bright surface;

2.printing ink requirements can be resistant to high temperature 200 ℃

3. The middle hole is 330mm*80mm, and the hole is only 15mm away from the edge

4. The semi-transparent area shall meet the all in black effect.


1. The surface of Glass and grooves shall be polished, and special grinding heads and fixtures shall be made for processing.

2, Resistance to high temperature of 200 ℃, the preferred is ceramic printing , while cause glass deformation problems,After re-selecting the high temperature resistant ink, ensure that there is no abnormality at 250°C.

3, For the middle hole, as CNC processing problems, normal can not be achieved,change to cut the hole with a water knife. Then CNC edge processing. Reduce the fragment rate and realize the feasibility of mass production.

4. All in black effect is achieved in two ways: semi-permeable ink screen printing and special effect film material.

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