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Outdoor Payment System


1. IK08 impact test standard of 3mm glass

2. The finished product shall pass the mil-std-810f solar radiation test.

3. The surface brightness of finished products shall be more than 1000nits.

4.Need to be water-proof,sunlight readable;


1.120.4mm*80.8mm*3mm sodalime glass, conventional strengthening method, can not meet IK08. By adjusting the strengthening parameters and improving the strengthening ability then can meet the requirements of IK08.

2.Solar radiation testing, from cover plate ink, TP bonding glue, full bonding glue, LCM polarizing film, LCD, backlight film material, all of which have gone through rigorous testing, repeatedly testing of the compatibility of various materials, then finally meeting customer requirements.

3.The surface brightness of finished products is required to reach more than 1000nits, and the LCM thickness is only 3.2mm. From the selection of LED to the selection of adjustment for the backlight film material, the brightness standard is finally reached, and guarantee the working life of 5W hours,and can pass stringent environmental tests.

4.Cover glass with AG treatment;Back frame full glue frame.

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