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Industrial Handheld Devices


1.As for the requirements of EMI glass, we have not been exposed to the application and implementation of EMI glass

2.Implementation of three-layer full-fit requirements (TP+EMI glass + LCM)

3.Design of 15 independent mutual-capacity buttons, functional testing of COB.


1.In-depth study of EMI glass products, confirm the implementation and principles. And converted into the relevant process technology of the industry, and achieve substantial price cuts (1/4 of the original cost)

2.TP is bonded with water-based glue; TP and EMI glass are bonded with water-based glue; TP+EMI and LCM are bonded with OCA and realize that paste the conductive copper foil on the EMI glass layer.Sample’s yield is stable.

3.By learning and referring to relevant materials,designed 15 independent mutual-capacity buttons.And realize the use of ITO glass;And use Microchip's IC to design the test board,realize the functional testing.

Industrial handheld devices
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