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Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Assembling Instructions

Correct assembling is very important for the performance of the touch system,the following are the assembling instructions for the finished touch panel mounted on the LCD panel display.
Fannal PCAP has two kinds of drawing, one with Key Area and Active Area, the other one only with Active Area.

1. Cover Glass: Glass covered on PCAP.
2. Film Sensor: Touch area for the PCAP.
3. Viewing Area: The length and width refers to transparent area of the PCAP.
4. Active Area: Active area of the PCAP.
5. Key Area: Good touch accuracy and sensitivity in this area.
6. FPC:Flexible printed circuit of the PCAP.

PCAP drawing
LCD Module Drawing

1. Outside Dimension: Outline dimension of the display, including the metal frame. 

2. Bezel Opening: The opening area of the metal frame around the display active area.

3. Active Area: It is the Display Area, related to the Key Area of PCAP(if no Key Area, it is Active Area).

PCAP drawing

Main points for assembling


Viewing Area of the PCAP should be between the Active Area and Bezel Opening of the display.


Key Area of the PCAP should be related to the Active Area of display.


When design a new front frame, be sure the frame will cover the silver routing on PCAP.


If the front frame is conductive material, there should be with insulation between the frame and PCAP.


When wiring, be sure to use thickness≧1mm non-conductive material, such as foam and gasket to isolate both sides of the soft circuit board.


When assembling, be sure no static electricity on human body.

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