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Rich Experience
6 years
450 successful customized projects
application areas
over 50 application areas
RFQ——Mass Production
Average time is 18 months
Providing mature products, reducing design cycle, mold opening, sample delivery and quality risk;
Providing mature solutions, including touch screen/display/bonding solutions, etc.
So far, Fannal has more than 150 projects' experience, which are applied in different fields and accumulated rich experience in the whole process;
It could help more customers achieve smooth mass production
Total Solutions
Touch screen
TFT display
Optical bonding
Fannal has accumulated rich experience in many fields, which can help our customers reduce the preliminary project development time. At the same time, combine with specific field, we can recommend mature technical solutions, hardware design, software support and so on, help our customers save R&D time. We have standard mold of sensor, FPC, IC solution in touch screen field, also have standard mold of backlight, LCD panel, FPC, iron frame, etc in display field, could save mold cost and time for customers.
For more information, please contact our sales.
The reasons why we are recognized by customers are that we have strong innovation ability and we are willing to undertake the challenge of design and manufacturing.
Industrial mobile phone
  • Case study:Industrial mobile phone
  • Application: outdoor hand-held terminal
  • Project time: 2013
  • Difficult points:2MM corning cover glass with 4 holes;Meet IK07 drop standard;Support gloves, waterproof
2MM corning materials are very rare, and the original production of corning factory is very small, it is very difficult to purchase. Our cover plate supplier does not have this type of glass;

Processing difficulty: the processing of 4 holes is very likely to cause glass breakage, and the processing yield is very low;

the project needs 5 years of mass production, need to consider that all components can be produced in normal mass production for 5 years;

The product needs to be readable in the sunlight and have low power consumption; Especially is suitable for the application environment of customers
Purchase master glass directly from corning original factory and send the glass to cover plate manufacturer for processing;

We need to assist the supplier to adjust the speed of CNC to the best condition, but the initial mass production yield is only about 35%;

we choose the yellow light process, CYPRESS controller IC;

Fannal recommended the Ortustech display screen.And the display screen and the touch screen adopt optical bonding process, which is helpful for reliability and visibility under sunlight.
Customization Services
  • Customized sizes: 1.8 to 55 inch
  • Customized function: touch with water, touch with gloves, touch with passive pens, support max 10 points, support multi interfaces and multi systems.
  • Customized cover lens with optical treatments: Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective, Anti-Finger, etc. Fannal special technology makes it possible to add an extra cover lens on surface of CTP. Pls contact our sales for detailed requirements.
  • Lead time: 3 days for drawings after the solution confirmed, 4-6 weeks for samples. For urgent project, can be finished in 15 working days after starting up expedited process. Pls contact our sales for detailed information.
Customization Services
tft display
TFT display
  • * Wider temperature
  • * LED lifetime : Support 30k/50k/100k hours
  • * Special interface for TFT display
  • - LVDS interface: 4.3”, 5.0”, 5.7”, 7.0”, 8.0”
  • - CPU interface: 3.5”, 4.3”, 5.7”, 7.0”
  • Material:Film sensor/Glass sensor
  • Thickness:0.4,0.55,0.7,1.0,1.1mm

FPC:Customized shape

Touch IC:Cypress, Atmel, EETI, Focaltech, Goodix

Interface: I2C, USB, RS232,SPI

cover lens
Surface treatment on cover lens
  • * Material:PMMA/Glass
  • * Printing:Silk printing/Ceramic printing
  • * Shape:cut in special shape
  • * Brand:Corning Gorilla,AGC,CG,etc
  • * Thickness:0.55mm~10.0mm
Join Design Process
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