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Quality Control

Fannal is recognized by ISO9001 and ISO14001,meet the ROHS and other environmental rules in global markets.

Incoming inspection IQC Reliability testing
Incoming inspection - IQC
Process quality control- PQC & LQC
At least 3pcs for the 1st inspection
Process quality control every 5 hours
Finished production inspection - OQC
Function and appearance inspection
Product tracking system
Reliability testing
Extreme temperature and humidity testing
Salt foggy testing
Impact-resistance testing

Process Quality Control Standards

UL certificate for PCBs
Meet the rules of ROHS/REACH
Process quality control of semi-product and finished product
Test equipment and environment

Anti-static production

Clean room

X-ray test

Key-points of quality inspection:
Response speed
Operation speed
Black/white dot
Broken line
Backlight brightness
Backlight uniformity
Gray scale

Reliability Test

Thermal shock test

Constant temperature and humidity test

Sun simulation system test

Transportation simulation test

Salt spray test

Reliability Test Bonding test Test machine
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