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R & D

Fannal built FAE team to supply better service and faster response.
Fannal launched the A-Touch series products which are suitable for industrial customer’s extreme use environment, like touch with water, touch with 5mm thickness gloves , -40-85 degree centigrade operation temperature,etc.
Fannal launched the silicone optical bonding technology and broke the optical bonding limitation for big size and thick LCD metal frame solutions.
Now Fannal’s leading innovative ability is recognized by many customers.
Can make a variety of effect colors

color printing

Gradient color printing

white and black printing

Can make a variety of optical effects
AR treatment

Cover lens transmittance: 94% ~ 99%

Cover lens reflection: 0.5% ~ 5%

20000 times friction under 2kg pressure with use 0# steel velvet.

Salt Foggy testing: test 480H under 5% NaCl, 48℃.

Production process: evaporation, sputtering, soaking

AG anti-glare

Customized values of Gloss required by customers are available. Gloss 70 is recommended normally. Anti-glare effect and visual effect are the best.

Normal gloss control tolerance: ±15%.

Production process: chemical etching process (long service life),

Coating process (high gloss value consistency, high gloss value)

Spraying process (easy to fall off)

Full fit process capability

Size : 1.8”~ 32”

Material: OCA, liquid silicon, silicone OCA

Match variant LCM assemble process

Frameless LCM

Metal Frame LCM

Thick Metal Frame LCM

Frameless LCM

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