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An "ink screen" with better display performance may change the status of the display field

Company news
A researcher,Bodle Technologies,is working on a new type of screen that has a normal screen that delivers dynamic images while having a low-power advantage like an electronic ink screen.Bodle Technologies is currently keeping the technical details confidential.But they claim to have obtained some VCs.

The screen is said to be designed with a phase change material that works well with only a small amount of power.Electric pulse technology is used in the construction of images.The company is currently in contact with some of the world's largest companies,but there are still no more details.

If this technology is mature and reliable,then when there are are no longer the advantages of the LCD screen and the OLED screen is not mature,it may become a dark horse that changes the display area of technology products.At present,the screen is the most energy-consuming part except the processor.Now, when the battery technology cannot be broken through,reducing the power consumption of the screen can effectively extend the usage time of the mobile phone.

electronic ink screen
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