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Product Info./ Solution for low-temp touch display

Company news

Product Info./ Solution for low-temp touch display

In many industries, we communicated with some customers who are in need of ultra-low-temp touch screen which are to be incorporated to a machine/system that works under extreme conditions, say, in severely-cold regions, within military equipment or medical refrigerator. Usually, these machines/systems work under -40. In light of customers’ special requirements, Fannal hereby presents its solution for low-temp (-40) touch display. 

Before touch screen can work under -40, the main challenges to overcome include:

1. The ordinary industry-level capacitor-type touch screens have a working temp range of -2070 while the vehicle-mounted ones can function normally only between -3085. Excessively low temp will result in an ultra-low moisture on palm of hand, which in turn remarkably decreases electric conductivity, affecting the performance of sensors and disabling ordinary industry-level tablet computers from detecting and pinpointing touch coordinates.   

2. The viscosity coefficient of liquid crystal molecule increases with the drop of temp, weakening liquid crystal molecules’ responsiveness and undermining normal screen display.  

Out of the requirements of wide-temp-range technology, after repeated tests and experiments, the Fannal R & D team has managed to come up with the derivative modules to avoid low-temp impact upon components, and succeeded in devising the solution for low-temp (-40) touch display.

Thanks to its unique heating offset module and TFT screen as option, this solution is capable of ensuring the normal and reliable work mode under -40, featuring responsiveness of 20ms, 0-delay in touch control, in addition to its OGS (One-Glass-Solution) touch screen which makes manipulation more agile, responsiveness much faster, thus meeting the requirements for complex manipulation under low temperature.      

As evidenced by a multitude of tests, displays with this solution incorporated are fully capable of working under -40, with its low-temp power consumption customizable according to specific product dimensions, in addition to its relatively low overall manufacturing cost. 

The product is fully customizable to facilitate ODM/OEM, whether it is in aspects of cover, screen, usage ambience, link port and so on, with compatible dimensional range confined: 3.5"≤ size≤32". 


Furthermore, the touch display module, which comply with industry-level standards, has passed in a series of rigid reliability tests like hi-and-low-temp operation & storage tests, constant temperature and humidity test, thermal shock test, vibration test, drop test, salt spray test, steel ball shock test, ESD test and so on, thus having product reliability and stability completely secured. 


If your products have to work under low temperature, this solution will be your optimum choice

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