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Product Info./ Solution for outdoor touch display

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Product Info.Solution for Outdoor Touch & Display


With the social advancement by leaps and bounds in recent years, the industrial-level display screens tailored for outdoor environments have been popularized in a growing number of application sceneries, such as ATM, vending machine, gas station, e-car charging station and other intelligent terminal apparatus, all of which are exposed outdoors or semi-outdoors.  


However, such factors as volatile outdoor weather, vandalism are to directly undermine the reliability of equipment. In order to satisfy customers’ demands for premium touch & display products, Fannal’s R & D team have come up with specific solutions which are tailored to ensure reliable operation of products even under harsh environment.


UV-proof design: As we discover it when rendering services to customers, if exposed outdoors, the ordinary capacitive touch LCMs without UV-proof function are likely to have problems like paint fading and falling off, adhesive failing or yellowing, screen blackening, abnormal display, undermined touch-control, thus depriving the multi-media interaction of pleasant experience. By concentrating numerous research resources and improving craftsmanship at various stages, the Fannal R & D team has managed to come up with the design of UV-proof outdoor touch LCM which has passed in the solar radiation test and is bound to meet customers’ strict requirements for product performance and functionality and facilitate the delightful experience of using terminal device. 


Visible in sunshine: When exposed in strong sunshine, the items displayed on ordinary screens might become unrecognizable, with fading color and compromised visibility. The sunlight readable LCD is fully capable of displaying images in a readable and clear manner even under super-bright circumstances, therefore guaranteeing display quality.    


Wide temp. range: once used outdoors, the ordinary display screens, whose working temp. ranges from -20℃ to +70℃ only, are bound to incur light attenuation, have their functionality undermined or even damaged, remarkably shortening service life, as it is outsmarted by the special LCD with wide working temp. range between -30℃+85℃, which features stable operation.      


Anti-glare: As in contrast to the glass cover on the surface of ordinary touch panel, which reflects light ray outdoors and is likely to make it unreadable, hampering finger operation, the anti-glare touch panel has resolved this issue, thus enhancing users’ outdoor experience. 


Touch panel performance: the different outdoor sceneries put TP’s performance to severe test. For example, when used in bad weather, the interference by rain or snow is very likely to destabilize TP; If with glove on, operator will be unable to manipulate TP effectively. In order to meet the demand for smoothness and reliability, by committing relentless exploration and optimization effort on design and building up on the existing capacitive touch panel technology, the Fannal R & D team has come up with the water-proof and glove-friendly touch panels compatible with gloves of varying thickness to get adapted to different use sceneries.  


Fannal takes pride in supplying outdoor touch display solutions, the products of which have passed in such stringent reliability tests as hi/low temp operation/storage tests, constant temp and humidity test, thermal shock test, vibration test, salt spray test, steel ball impact test, ESD test, solar radiation test, with stability and reliability fully secured.

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