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"Touching the Future" - Fannal Electronics 2016 New Product Release Meeting

Company news
Fannal Electronics officially launched the A touch series of products recently,including three standard products of 4.3 inch,7 inch and 10.1 inch,further consolidate Fannal’s dominant position in the industrial touch screen field.The A touch series of touch screen products launched by Fannal have the features of high reliability, high performance,wide range of reporting points and low power consumption.High-strength tempered glass,anti-oxidation routing technology,and industrial-grade LCD form a true industrial-grade touch screen module.

Taking into account the harsh application environment of industrial touch screens,Fannal has carried out rigorous testing and analysis in various environments during the development phase of each new product through low temperature storage -40℃240h,high temperature storage 90℃ 240h, constant temperature and constant humidity 60℃90% RH 240h,salt spray test 35℃85% RH 5% Na-Cl 48h and ESD test air 15KV,human body contact 10KV Static electricity.Support touch with gloves, touch with water, and 10MM cover touch.

Relying on a strong R&D team,Fannal continues to introduce the latest touch screen technology into the industrial control field,and insists on providing high-reliability,high-performance industrial touch screens for customers around the world,applied in the industrial,medical, communications, hand-held and other industries.

FANNAL New Product Release Meeting
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